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Payment information and Accepted Insurance Plans

We accept most insurance plans at our office. Dr. Jan Bender is on many of the major insurance panels. Many insurance plans cover a chiropractic adjustment, massage, and modalities such as ultrasound. Please note that nutritional supplements, detoxifying footbath, and some of the other "wellness” services we offer at our clinic are not covered by most insurance plans.

We advise you to call your insurance company in advance of booking your first appointment to verify that you have chiropractic and massage benefits. During your first visit, our office also calls to verify your chiropractic benefits and to get more specific information regarding your policy. During this phone call, we are told by the insurance company that their quote is not a guarantee of payment. Therefore, should your insurance refuse to pay due to deductible, lapsed policies, or any other reason, you will be responsible for any and all charges.

Individuals in need of our services who lack insurance and who are concerned about high health care costs need not worry. We have affordable rates for those who wish to pay at each visit. We also offer specially priced “packages” available for those of you who come in frequently.

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